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FTEQW: Weapons Issue In Deathmatch 3
So, I'm running FTEQW, and when I type "deathmatch 3" in the console, aren't weapons supposed to always stay?

No matter which DM mode I set my game to, the weapons are picked up. I thought the whole idea behind deathmatch mode 3 was that weapons stay available for pickup and don't have to respawn, and the only things that respawn are items/ammo.

Am I doing something wrong? Help is appreciated.

Here's exactly what I'm doing:
1. Start FTEQW and type "map DM3" in console.
2. Once map loads, I type "coop 0" "teamplay 1" and "deathmatch 3" into the concole, one command set at a time.
3. I restart the map ("restart" in concole)

(I apologize if this is a rookie question - I haven't played Quake since 1998, so this is my first experience with FTEQW).

Thanks in advance!
It's the same in Quakespasm and Quakespasm-Spiked.

I checked the original DOS version too, and weapons disappear on pickup in Deathmatch 3!

This does not fit the description at

So... ??? 
deathmatch 3 was not originally in the vanilla QuakeC code. I don't remember if it was even originally in QuakeWorld (vs something that was added later). Anyway, I wouldn't expect to see it when using Quakespasm with vanilla QuakeC. As for FTE, make sure you are running QuakeWorld progs. (Sorry, I'm headed out the door right now or I'd look up more info/instructions for ya.) 
After Some Research 
I could be wrong but it looks Deathmatch 3 was a very early mod for NetQuake, then it was added to the QW release in December of '96.

// Xian -- If playing in DM 3.0 mode, halve the time ammo respawns

if (deathmatch == 3 || deathmatch == 5)
self.nextthink = time + 15;

Code above is from the id repo in items.qc in the qw-qc folder:

Other links:
From the dates below, looks like it pre-dates QW. 
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