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2022 Has Started At ..::LvL
2022 has started at ..::LvL. 3 releases to begin with. "The Dimension of Evil" is a Single Player release from Eraser using the EntityPlus mod. I'm really hoping this mod gets some traction.

* The Dimension of Evil by Eraser
* Circle Of Death - Extended by sst13
* SkyB0tz by M00nbot

Videos for 2 and panoramas for all.

Wishing and hoping 2022 is going to be awesome for everyone!

..::LvL -
I Had No There Were Any Q3SP Mods 
At least, any that weren't cancelled in 2004.

I was just wondering recently if I might want to map for Quake 3 if there were a singleplayer mod. Unfortunately, I don't think this is the one just yet; the enemies simply don't seem like they could be used to create engaging encounters. 
Make Some Suggestions 
I would reach out to Eraser with details on what you need. If there is something holding you back, it could be stopping others as well. 
Q3 Technical Achievement With Great Documentation 
is EntityPlus 
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