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Modding Jam - 2022 - AI
Theme: “AI”
Deadline: February 10th, 23:59:59 GMT

Artists and coders join your forces, to create awesome mods for Quake!
New or improved enemies, NPCs, a bot companion, everything related to AI in general. Only limit is your imagination!

1) Use provided codebase: Mirror 1 Mirror 2;
2) Your mod should work on most popular engines (QS, QSS, vkQuake etc.), which means you shouldn't use unsupported QC extensions or unsupported model formats.
3) If possible, keep your code in separate qc files. We might join all monsters later into one mod (if you want of course).
4) Name your assets (models/sounds/etc.) in a way, so they don't collide with asset names of others.
5) Make an example map showing your work. It can be a simple box map with Prototype textures.
6) Save our jam supervisor Grzegorz on your desktop, for good luck!
7) Have fun!

Teams are allowed. Collaboration is highly encouraged.

Most important tools:
FTEQCC QuakeC compiler
Blender MDL plugin
Fimg - image editor for sprites

There are tons of additional useful links in previous modding jam thread:
Modding Jam 2019

If something is unclear, feel free to ask!
It's Back! Bravo 
The last one was awesome. Looking forward to this. 
You can submit your work to my email, or through one of Discord channels you're on, QM, TF etc. It's easy to find me there. 
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