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The Deep Mod: Beta 3

This here is my first map (and second if start maps count), intended to be the first in a five-map episode. There's quite a bit of new stuff in here including:

- 3 all new monsters.

- Tweaks to several vanilla monsters to make them fit better in an underwater setting.

- Several new props and item pickups.

- Uses the latest version of the Quake 2 Marines mod (v1.13).

Try it out with the link below. All feedback much appreciated!


Download link:
Beautiful Level 
I liked your first level very much and especially the idea with the water area and the large rooms where you still have an overview are very well designed. I'm already looking forward to the coming levels. Here is a video of 100% solved. 
Ah man that's awesome, very cool to watch others play through for the first time. It's the closest I'll ever get to experience what that's like. Thanks for the kind words as well :D

Do you think the first secret was too obvious maybe with the biomask pickup and all? 
No, not really. The confrontation with the shark has already placed the secret well. You should keep a balance because of the motivation. 
Hello, i like q2 weapons mod, and i like your map setting. Can you please give me .wad file wich you used ? 
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