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Michaelbay Mod
I made a simple mod.

It adds explosions to monsters, being able to destroy all doors and buttons (also causes explosion sound),
make hp cap higher and start you off at 200, and speed up all monsters.

It's designed to play through existing no mod maps. It's just a bit of fun.

Tell me what you think.
I Tested This 
It is honestly a paradigm-shifting mod, Quake will never be the same again. 
Silly mod, but I really liked the speed of the grunts and enforcers. Since neither of them have melee attacks, the faster speed doesn't make them unfair. 
It makes ever map better, even ones where you can break door brushes used as platforms and softlock the map. The best release of 2022. 
Thanks for the feedback. 
Particularly if the mod is used to play the joke jam bonus map on skill 3. 
I'm not seeing buttons explode in vkQuake. Haven't tried in other engines - should they? 
I also noticed the explosion FX not present for some buttons/doors (playing in fitzquake.) Is it using the entity origin to spawn them? If so it should be using the center of the bounding box instead.

It is very satisfying to just shoot a door instead of looking for a key. I kind of want to instagib enemies too. 
About Doors And Buttons 
I couldn't figure out how to make the explosion effect show up, so it's just the sound. 
Hahaha, I had a lot of fun with this. Thank you! 
Thanks for confirming. Maybe try what metlslime suggests above - and I second instagib. The mod is silly fun. I have been kicking around a couple of small QC ideas so I might open this code up in a couple of months and add to this. Finishing up another project at the moment. 
I don't like frivolous mods. But yours gives the gameplay from a very interesting angle. The pathfinding of the Q1 monsters has always been weak, but with super speed, they go at an angle more space. Which increases their chances of not getting stuck. Can I ask you to make a separate mod like "fast monsters" in the gzdoom port of doom? With him, many maps would have gained a new breath. 
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