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Q1SP: Hard Driven
A mid-sized map inspired by a smooth-looking hard drive.

10-15 minute playtime
Two potential crushing victims
One secret you do not want to find, trust me

Download + screenshots:

Short video flythrough:

The inspiration:

This uses Makkon's textures. It's the second map I've made (not counting the stupid exercises I do to learn things/experiment).

I put it up in the Quaddicted forums but someone told me to fire it up here as well. So I figured, why not. Hello, func-msgboard!
Nice. :) 
Thanks for sharing. I played through it earlier today and had a lot of fun. The whole space feels like a giant playground with lots of ways to approach the different combat encounters.

I had a couple of wee bugs but nothing serious. The first was a bit of the architecture near the start of the map popping in and out of existence. It was the bit that looks kinda like teeth. Another bug (I think) was a fiend next to the gold key door jumping up on a ledge and not being able to jump back down.

BONUS PEDANTRY: One of the lifts 'sank' a little into the ground when it came down rather than sitting on the floor like the others. Not game-breaking but thought I might as well share since I'm typing anyway. :)

I played through using Ironwail and then tested for the buggy bits in VkQuake.

Anyway, all in all, I really enjoyed it. I'd love to see more in this style. Perhaps an expanded map with more varied lighting and monsters?

Again, thanks for sharing. :) 
Thanks for playing! And for the bug report. Any and all bonus pedantry is welcome. I still miss a lot of stuff when making these. 
A Bit Confusing, But Interesting 
I ran around for quite sometime looking for the gold key door, which was completely unmarked. If you use the Makkon set, you still need to mark key areas, especially due to the monochromatic uniformity of the bulk of those textures. Same goes for the plain buttons. Quake maps have always had glowing or pulsating buttons that help the player distinguish them from the terrain. We're kind of programmed to spot those, for smooth gameplay.

The battles themselves were pretty cool, standard overhead Base shooters & arena encounters. The concept is interesting too, being a "defrag warrior." My only issue was flow and progression. 
Yeah, I put a gold fork symbol with a big arrow on the wall in one place, scripted the big fork sculpture to rise once the gold key was picked up, and laid out a golden metal bar that ran back towards the gold door. But the real problem is:

a) all that is on the total opposite side of the map, so none of it is at all apparent.
b) the vore encounter that triggers upon the gold keycard pickup distracts you
c) the gold door is tucked away below a drop in the first place

I realised a lot of this far too late in the design, but it's definitely a layout and progression problem like you say! 
Yeah, I saw the abstract symbol & arrow deal and understood what you were trying to do after the fact. It's all good! These hiccups will just help you make better future maps. Look forward to your next work :) 
Cool Idea 
I look at this inspiration and probably would have come up with something quite different!
Your map has a similar vibe to hang 'em high :) 
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