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A Range Of Maps For ..::LvL
Another 3 releases for ..::LvL. This update contains a range in quality. From the very professional release Quadwell by DaEngineer, a collaborative CTF map call Egypt Crossings and finally the work of a new author.

* Quadwell by DaEngineer
* Egypt Crossings by LF*One4guN and s!n*Gerfy
* Catwalks by M00nbot

Videos and panoramas for all. If you are short for time, be sure to grab Quadwell.

..::LvL -
Not sure if I am doing something wrong but liveview just drops me into the training map with crash? 
LiveView Issue - Not Just You 
Looking into the LiveView issue now. I do not maintain that feature so I never know which maps are going to have the issue. The problem is limited to Quadwell and Egypt Crossings. Thanks heaps for reporting the problem. 
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