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DOPA 2016 Vith Fog And Transparent Liquids
Since current QSS engine reads r_liquids parameters from map’s worldspawn directly and ignored assigned corresponding autoexec values, even vised maps can render with opaque liquids. Once I found on Quaddicted DOPA 2016 maps source
and decide to implement r_liquids and fog values from new DOPA 2021 version. Maps were recompiled
with .lit files generated (although neither 2016 nor the 2021 versions has no colored lights).
And now dear Community I want to ask an advice:
It is will be legal to share it on Quaddicted?
Why? The first – in the beginning of sentence.
The second – Not everyone can buy the modern version.
Comparison (left vs right)
If all you are changing is worldspawn keys, it seems like you just need to create ent files rather than recompiling all the bsps. That would take less space.

In terms of whether you can legally distribute recompiled bsps, check the license that came with the map files. 
At The Begining 
I made .ent files with added "fog" and _liquidsalpha values but it does not affected on QSS so I had to recompile sources.
Yes I read terms of conditions in readme and I doubt if I'm have right to put it here if it have restriction "may NOT be modified IN
ANY WAY". By the other hand I just put together official "A" and official "B". 
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