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Release - SM216 - The Communal Paint Bucket
The premise of this speedmap challenge was to make not only the maps, but the level textures as well! Each participant had one day to make level textures, then three days to make a map that only used textures submitted by the other participants. The end result is five maps made using a brand new texture set made just for this event!

Thanks for playing and enjoy.

- ZungryWare

Map Authors
Hivebind by 4LT
Justified Paranoia by Chris Holden
... Raining ... by Cocerello
The Color of the Sun by ish
Hexagons of Power by Newhouse
The Rocket Crusade by ZungryWare
Start Map by ZungryWare

Texture Artists
ZungryWare ("zt" tag)
Chris Holden ("ch" tag)
4LT (textures starting with "4")
ish ("ish" tag)
riktoi ("riktoi" tag)
wiedo ("wb" tag)
JaycieErysdren ("jfe" tag)
iLike80sRock ("il8r" tag)
quasiotter (greyscale textures)

Utility Textures by MissLavender

Other Info
Build Time: 2/18/22 to 2/20/22

Zungry found another map in his inbox! I'll post an updated link when it's available. 
Added ... Raining ... by Cocerello


metlslime, would you be able to update the news post, if possible? Thanks 
Playthrough Of The Maps 
And A Few More 
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