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Retro Jam 7 - Koohoo
After 5 years since the last one, Retro Jam is back!
This time we are revisiting an old quake classic - Koohoo. And just in time for it's 21st anniversary too.


- Theme is Koohoo. You can use other textures aside from the wad distributed below, as long as the set textures fit within the style of this jam. (ex. No purely runic/medieval/base map, but using some elements is ok).
- Levels must be able to be completed from a 'shotgun-start' and have standard Quake gameplay.
- Custom music is allowed, as long as they are copyright free.
- Exit changelevel trigger pointing to the start map is a requirement. Maps which don't have an exit trigger won't be accepted.
- The map file must be named 'rj7_(author's name)'

-Deadline is March 20th 23:59 CET (Central Europe Time).

You can submit your map either to my Discord: danz#1004 or my Email:

Texture Wad link: Download

Happy Mapping!
I Probably 
don't have time to finish a map with my current work schedule, but I'm going to start one and hope for the best.

Quick question: Can we use entities from the original Koohoo progs, or does "standard Quake gameplay" mean it needs to be vanilla id1? 
Right, forgot to mention that. This jam is using vanilla progs.

Can't really recall any major differences between vanilla and koohoo progs, aside from the modified cthon boss.

Oh yeah. Another thing to point out:
Make sure your map file is named rj7_authorname
...which is what i already said about mapname in the op post and somehow missed it. lol my brain's a fucko today. My bad. 
Hah no worries man, thanks for the clarification. 
I wish I could partake in this one. 
Jam Deadline Extended To March 23rd 
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