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SharpQ3 - A Quake 3 .NET C# Source Port
Hi guys

Before you say, I realise this is an absurdly big project and I'm possibly insane for wanting to do it.'s happening.

It has long been an obsession of mine to port the full Quake 3 codebase to .NET. As a learning project, as an experiment and because I find .NET very more productive, easy to make cross platform and more than fast enough these days.

I'm not a fan of modern engine workflows and eventually envisage having my own engine based on this - but with modern graphical fidelity and engine capability.

The aim for this port though, is to have a (mostly) vanilla compatible engine that can be used to build entire standalone games from (Such as existing Q3-based games) just like people do with the existing source code.

So far I have converted around 6% so far and making steady progress. There will be a big process of trial and error to ensure code acts similarly of course.

If there are any developers who find the idea interesting and have C/C++ and C# experience I could really do with your help! If you find the project interesting and want to get involved please let me know or feel free to just submit PRs!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the project, ideas, feedback and also if you could share any frustrations you have had with Quake based engine in the past?

Some of my reasoning for doing a .NET port is because I find lower level code much less productive to write in and also more difficult to maintain, problem solve and make cross platform amongst many other things.

You can find the repo at:

I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Really interested to see how this pans out! Is it currently usable and is it as fast as the original engine? 
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