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How To Teleport Monsters With A Trigger In QUAKE 1??
Hello friends, I need a little help from you. How do I make Quake monsters appear with a teleporter? I know how to do it in Quake 2 but no idea how to do it in the first Quake, I'm using GTK Radiant 1.5 and I need to finish the Quake 4 gamepack in Quake. Do you have any idea how to do this. Only the ambush key appears as spawnflag for the monster, but trigger_spawn has nothing to do with it. I would appreciate it if you help me, thank you.
The vanilla quake way is this:

- put the monster in an enclosed box outside the level
- put a trigger_teleport around the monster
- point the teleport to an info_teleport_destination in the level
- give the trigger_teleport a targetname and target it from whatever you want (another trigger, a button press, a key, etc.)

But if you're making a mod (or using a mod) you can do it simply with spawnflags. Many mods have a "spawn_triggered" flag or similar, which makes the monster wait until triggered before spawning. Just place the monster where you want them to spawn, and then trigger them directly. If you're making your own mod you can try to copy this logic from an existing mod that has this feature. 
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