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Q1SP: Church Of Hamony And Chaos
New Singlelayer Map inspired by Quake 64 and Alkaline using a Modified Version of Alkaline 1.1 featuring pendulums and falling platforms.

QuakeC source code included in this file

Note: this Updated version fix a bug related with eject casing of the Nailgun
Music by Immorpher
This track appears on "Realm of the Lost" Quake Episode map "Valovoimala" made by Smilecythe, from which this video was constructed from.

Light itself was reacted to rip a hole into another world. Its corruption bled into our domain, twisting the minds of all observers. An army of madness and dripping flesh soon overwhelmed the planet side.

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This track is free to use for commercial and non-commercial intents as long as attribution and notice is given. If you would like to support my work, purchase my albums on Bandcamp for any amount.

You can download from this two sites:
Really liked the map. Any gripes I have are minor. I see you also worked on a mod called 2HELL. I look forward to checking that out when I have the time. 
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