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QuakeDroid -- Landscape Only Mode?
Hello everybody,
as an real Q1 enthusiast I have rooted my kitchen machine (monsieur cousine connect) to install QuakeDroid.
Unfortunately the build-in tablet only supports landscape-mode but seems not to have an direction-sensor included.
So also the special landscape-mode.apks didn't work on my kitchen-machine. The picture is rotated to 90deg and I am not able to win in E1M7 (...).

Is there a possibility/ special-special.apk which is designed for this purpose? 1024x768 in vertical direction(!) should be the right dimension.

Thanks for your feedback/support!!
Additional Info 
also the screen-rotate.apks didn't fix the problem 
You might check in the QuakeDroid thread for more discussion of landscape mode. Unfortunately Baker isn't around to respond to problems anymore, but someone else there might have solved it. 
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