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Q1SP: The Dreamer's Demesne
This is the first map from MittensForKittens. It's an "Atmospheric desert complex bathed in moonlight."


Quaddicted page

Requires Arcane Dimentions 1.81 and a source port that supports bsp2 format.
Nice short and intense map. A bit cramped in places but then I'm a sucker for that.
Love the atmosphere here.

The music selection was great as well. The track has a bit of emotional weight for me so didn't expect that. ;) 
For A First Map This Is Really Impressive! 
Has a very nice theme. Feels very polished. Loved it! 
Really nice, tight map with interesting encounters and well placed secrets.
As #1 said it is cramped in parts. It makes the combat more intense but always manageable.
I went through a second play-through knowing the secrets and it was even better!

I've found two bugs with Quakespasm/Ironwail:
- the spiders in the grenade launcher's secret seem to be stuck in the ceiling and cannot move
- the super nailgun is missing in its secret.
So I recommend QSS or vkQuake to play the map. Just thought I'd share since the readme also recommends quakespasm to play. 
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