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Q1SP : Temple Of Teuthis
Fairly large adventure map. uses extras_r5 mod.


I guess this doesn't work on regular Quakespasm. 
I haven't fully tested it with regular quakespasm, but it should work. There could however be some light visual artifacts. 
Yeah, using Ironwail it reliably ejects me out of the map near the bottom of that initial elevator ride. Framerate too high maybe? Fair enough you do say to use QSS or vkQuake, so I switched to QSS and it's fine.

A bit of a packaging issue BTW: if you're going to have your own mod folder, there's no need to stick stuff into id1 as well... that can't really help anything and can only cause potential problems/conflicts.

All that aside tho, it's nicely interesting so far. I just poked my head in really, got past the first silver key door.

I always like ambitious use of underwater environments in Quake. Although it took me a second to figure out the ladders were "extras_r5 style" in how they worked! And generally items/vehicles made out of brushes (submarines etc.) is a thumbs up. :-) Calling this an "adventure map" seems like pretty good branding and expectations-setting.

BTW there are several almost-totally-dark areas so far, where really you can only see enemies by their own muzzleflashes. Not sure if that's intended? If not I'll just crank up the gamma from here on. 
Thx for the packaging advice, this was my first time using a mod so I didn't know. Those dark areas are intentional, it seemed appropriate in certain places, but there arent't many of them, and none where difficult fights take place. 
I modified the map, it is now ironwail compliant. A mighty impressive source port. I'll upload the new version tomorrow. 
This version is ironwail and regular quakespasm compatible. use procotol 999(type sv_protocol 999 in console). 
Holy hell - cool map :) Interesting make up and cool finale. Sorry, but i didn't do it justice. Playing in on skill 1 I had to god mode before too long. I might go back and find some more secrets. Some bigger weapons earlier maybe ?? Only 5 secrets so far. Cheers 
Woowwww OK this was neat. :-) An adventure, like you say! Love the very distinct (and massive) areas.

The whole thing is in fact quite a bit darker than "Quake standard" lighting, but cranking my gamma a bit fixed that.

I got stuck on finding the "air shaft" for a bit, but solved that through some spatial reasoning which felt good. The only puzzle-ish thing I really failed at, I think, was trying to get to the red armor just inside the main temple entrance. That one is a real mystery! (Although BTW it's kind of bogus that an invisible wall there blocks grenade-jumping.)

The final room is excellent, both the construction and also how you staged the waves. One bit of the fight was a little anti-climactic, where one of the last shamblers I had to kill was just way off on a staircase chilling by himself until I hunted him down... but that's the Quake AI for ya I guess.

This map won't be to everyone's taste but IMO you nailed what you were going for. 
I left a hint as a comment on quaddicted, for the red armor(waterfalls are always suspect). The invisible grenade jump proof wall is there on purpose(it gets removed once you find the legit way), but yeah in a way it is detrimental to skilled players. 
Congrats on the red armour secret: it's one of the most well-hidden secret triggers I've ever seen in Quake! 
Yeah it's a tough one, but fair play to zbidou72 it's more or less in plain sight! (As opposed to just being a random unmarked wall section or specific sequence of weird actions.) 
As far as shoot switches are concerned, I do think Ionous(a fine mapper) is the absolute master in this regard. I didn't expect this secret to be that hard to find. 
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