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Quakestarter Version 3
For a "what the heck is Quakestarter" refresher, see

It may not be interesting to all the old hands around here for your own personal use, but it could be something to give to a newbie friend who wants to try out Quake singleplayer stuff.

New release today:

Some interesting high-visibility changes here, and some changes to the file structure, so let’s do a major version bump. Welcome to Quakestarter 3.0.0!

The most obvious change is that the documentation is now in HTML. You can open “quakestarter_readme.html” in your web browser and poke around; there’s also an option to open the docs from the main Quakestarter menu. Rather than the docs just mentioning each other, they now use proper hyperlinks… imagine that.

(The docs for the latest version are also hosted online at )

Also new in this release: On the menus showing individual addons, you now have the option to open the Quaddicted review page for a particular addon. That page will open in your default web browser.

Speaking of addons, The Castle of Koohoo has made a triumphant return to the Classic (non-episodes) menu, on the back of a small recent ratings bump. (Maybe because of the Koohoo-themed retrojam?) We’ve also added the sm198 hub to the Post-AD episodes menu, a nicely weird experimental speedmap pack with a particularly small playable space per map.

Finally, as part of the process of finding Quake game data and soundtrack files, Quakestarter is now better at locating Quake installations that are in Steam library folders separate from the main Steam folder.
V3.1.0 Release

This release is purely about updating the lists of installables. Four 2022 releases have popped up just over the ratings threshold, but interestingly so have several older releases all the way back to 1997.

For the full list of additions see the online changelog: 
V3.2.0 Release

The major thing here is a change to vkQuake and Ironwail as the bundled Quake engines. The Quakestarter main menu now has an option for switching between those engines (or other engine executables that exist in the Quake folder).

A couple of other minor tweaks: adding links to Slipgate Sightseer where appropriate in the docs, and moving to use Copper 1.19 for Copper dependencies.

For the full breakdown (and some comments about in-place-upgrading from earlier versions) see the online changelog: 
V3.30 Release

This release introduces an optional autoupdate feature. The autoupdater will cover all the Quakestarter files as well as vkQuake and Ironwail (if you got those as part of Quakestarter, i.e. you're not using the "noengine" bundle).

If you're updating an already-existing Quakestarter installation to 3.3.0, sorry, this new feature won't help you yet! You'll still need to do the “overwrite your current files with the contents of the zip” kind of thing. But for future releases after 3.3.0, you will be able to (if you wish) let the autoupdater handle things.

Assuming we don't discover any weird problems with the autoupdater, we can lean on it to do quick-response Quakestarter updates. For example when a new vkQuake or Ironwail version comes out, we can spin a new Quakestarter update to deliver those.

Over the years Quakestarter has also evolved so that it's not just a one-time setup program, or even just a menu of "good but really old releases", but also a menu of recent releases. This update goes even further in that direction with the addition of a "Latest Greatest" menu for releases that are "high profile" but don't have the necessary Quaddicted rating yet. This menu has been inaugurated with a few releases from the past six months as well as Coppertone Summer Jam 2.

For the full list of additions see the online changelog: 
V3.4.0 Release

Hey let’s test out that autoupdate feature! Coppertone Summer Jam 2 has had an update, so that version is now in the Latest Greatest menu and the previous (original) version is moved to legacies.

One confession to make here: I’m still learning about the best way to deal with downloads from Slipgate Sightseer. In this case, if you used Quakestarter v3.3.0 to install ctsj2 super recently, you may in fact already have gotten the updated version rather than the original. However Quakestarter will still think it’s the original version that you have installed. If that happens, sorry! … but you can still keep playing what you have via the legacies menu, so no harm done I think. I’ve corrected this problem going forward.

Also, note that Quakestarter is designed so that it doesn’t constantly spam autoupdate checks, so if you already have version 3.3.0 installed it may not autoupdate right away. But in at most 24 hours from now, when you run Quakestarter it will tell you there’s a new version available. If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait, you can manually force an update by downloading a zip of this release and then dragging it onto your current “quakestarter.cmd” script.

If you are using a version of Quakestarter earlier than 3.3.0, no autoupdate for you! You’ll still have to use the manual “overwrite your current files with the contents of the zip” process. 
Since the product has autoupdate now, I think I will leave this thread alone unless something major changes.

If you really want to see news of new updates there's always...

the GitHub repo:

the changelog:

and the version history on Slipseer: 
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