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Block Quake
Block Quake has been released. This mod replaces all monsters, weapons and items with Lego counterparts.

Youtube video
Download page

It's well done and definitely worth a look IMO.
this needs some maps (or replacement textures) for existing maps! 
All the assets are well done, but you could go even further, e.g. with the statusbar and LEGO-style levels. It's a good foundation for a TC, that's for sure. 
"Kebby isn't done with Block Quake and has a list of ambitious (and hilarious) features they plan to implement in the future:

-Add some blocky themed sound effects for weapons, enemies and objects.
-Create new custom blocky themed HUD and GUI graphics.
Possible mod support for online multiplayer modes like QuakeWorld CTF (maybe!)
-Finish the new gibbed-limbs and blocky blood models for the CustomC source code overhaul version.
-Once CustomC is complete, implement the new source code changes into the ProgsDump version.
-Censor the entire game and remove any mature themed content and replace it with age appropriate material.
-Finish the Blocky WAD textures by adding more brick pattern variety and color options.
-Create some Blocky themed maps in Trenchbroom and maybe have a Block Quake Map Jam! (eventually)"

More info on this page: 
Maps To Play With Kebby's Models 
It's been said elsewhere, but the speedmapping jams using the prototype texture set (206 and 214), as well as the Toybox mod, go really well with these models. 
Maybe this should be called "BloQ" 
I had similar idea, but "BloQue" :) 
I See Lego 
Maybe an all-new texture pack will spawn from this. It has a lot of potential. 
That's my opinion anyway. But yes high potential to do something different makes this worthwhile. 
Block Quake 
This is brilliant!
I know it's an aesthetic change but somehow it feels more fun? Going from grim-dark to cartoony is great.
I think the ammo pickups feel very placeholder and I hope Kibby replaces the HUD and menu stuff too.

I will add "lego themed map" to my ever growing wishlist of maps I want to make lol 
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