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Topdown Jam Is Released
The Topdown Jam is out! It's time to have a look at Quake from a whole new perspective. Maps from @CommonCold, @ChrisHolden, and @Nolcoz, with a start map (and mod and jam direction) by @JaycieErysdren.


Note that this requires FTE to play! The download comes with an FTE executable and a configuration that will launch you into the jam folder by default (but you do still need to provide an id1 folder as usual.)
For more info, here's the original announcement of the jam: 
I need to check this out - looks like Mageslayer/Take No Prisoners! Which is awesome.... GTA? In Quake! 
More Topdown maps/mods should be made. Or maybe an isometric camera? There's a lot you can do with this if you wanted. 
Topdown Quake 
Had a quick little play.

Player feels a little zoomed out to me. I think if you lower the speed of the enemies and lower the aggro distance it would be better.
Other stuff I would change is make projectiles a bit bigger, along with making particle sizes bigger too (at the zoomed out distance it's hard to see if things are connecting) 
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