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Quake - 1st Slayer's Testaments Jam
Now - June 26th high noon


- Your level must end with a trigger_changelevel that takes the player back to the map "start2"
- Your level must be completable, no infinite hordes
- Where applicable, incorporate func_grab where players pull themselves up ledges with a 1-unit thick func_grab entity. Skip texture all brushes and they can be merged into one entity.


Anything goes! But you can use classic doom textures, Doom 64 stuff, or the various 2016 / Eternal sets we have, which go good with things like Makkon or Tintin wads.


You can submit your maps directly to @Shadesmaster#1660 on Discord, or via email at ShadesSBU AT gmail DOT com

Get it here:

More resources to be posted later.

- Submitted on behalf of Shadesmaster, the mod creator. -
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