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SM218 - Episode 4
Speedmapping pack 218 - Episode 4

Mappers had 48 hours to make something inspired by the Elder World.

Get it here:

Yoder's Map Is Impressive! 
Love this map. IMO, by far the best of the pack. 
Mazu's contribution is (not _too_ surprisingly) a real exercise in "well you just have to run past all these guys to find more ammo" and/or making monsters infight. It really puts the squeeze on you (skill 2), but it seemed to all work out in the end! :-) A nasty fun map. 
Wowww, similar madness in Ish's map. Works pretty well when the map is short/weird.

I wonder, how much do you guys stress over the entity setup in order to make sure that weapon/ammo starvation happens at certain spots but is survivable ... or do you just pile in more monsters and assume players will figure it out? For a speedmap I would assume the latter :-) but who knows. 
Yoder's Map Should Be Extended 
This map is a gem. It is so well crafted and has such a strong atmosphere, that I find it is way too small. It should be extended, with more monsters and more secrets to find. Is this map really made in 48 hours? There's "material" in it for a large version. 
Glad you liked my map, but it ended up one of the weaker e4 tributes of the pack imo. The buoyant platforms is something I stole from UDOB, and the slime time-pressure encounters are basic Plutonia, neither of which are e4.

Personal favorites for me of the pack are Zigi's and Newhouse's maps. They feel proper e4 and have some hilarious encounter design. Felt like a real accomplishment to survive Newhouse's map 
What I appreciate about your slime encounters is the way you have a dry island that the player has to bully themself onto, the suit timer ticking down all the while. I loved the concept the first time, but thought it needed more pressure, so I was very pleased to see you expand upon it for the second slimewalk.

I'll second your favourite picks. They really do distill the spirit of Sandy while making the build quality and level design more palatable. Really impressive for speedmaps, and I could say a lot in their praises individually, though both have undisclosed points of no return at the end, preventing me from going back for secrets. 
No Return At The End 
My map has a hidden teleporter at the end where the first button is which opens after you kill the last shambler. It teleports the player back up if they wish to search for secrets! ;) 
Huh, I didn't notice notice that. Well, it's worth replaying to search for secrets at some point anyway. Guess I'll keep that in mind when I do 
I love when mappers give you the option of returning to the start look for secrets. I've done that a few times but I tend to make it obvious as opposed to hidden. 
Yeah I should have made it more obvious like right next to the exit, but I really blasted through the end room during the last 30mins before deadline. With more time it would have been done differently! But it's there! :) 
Nameless City Map 
Maps are great! But i found a problem with Nameless city map. The secret in the beginning of the map doesn't work with Quakespasm Spiked but works well with Joequake. 
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