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Q1SP: "Slipgate To A Lost Dimension" By Eber150
posted by eber150: I finished my first map with the help of dumptruck_ds and some nice people at the quake mapping discord, this was an amazing experience and i'm really looking into making another map using the things i learned and learning new stuff


download (fixed version):
Good Map! 
For a first map, this was really nice! I played it with the Alkaline mod (since it's a base level) and enjoyed it. Good job. 
Yah this was cool. I really enjoy the theme variety and the indoor/outdoor/underground/water mix. The final secret was nice and cheeky too. :-)

I did kinda miss the grenade launcher, I know it would trivialize a couple of the fights at the end but that can be fun too! Maybe it was in the one secret I didn't find?

Great first map. 
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