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QSP: "Io. Brimstoneburg." By Asl.
Rather big map from Asl, mixed setting.


Played only a part. Strong map! 
FYI for me this map crashes the latest Ironwail release with: SZ_GetSpace: overflow without allow overflow set

QSS runs it OK, so I'm fine, but it's unusual to see that error on any engine these days. This is a "too many entities" kind of thing I think? 
Too Many Secret Red Spots 
The red spots inside a black square are very difficult to find. There are too many, and I had to use noclip alot to find some. The "super secret" is also too difficult to activate. I was able to find only one red symbol (out of four). The map is too large for this, I think. 
The map loaded fine on Mark V too. I haven't played enough into it for it to crash perhaps. 
Great Map 
This map is great. And also BIG. Maybe too big? Especially when trying to find the red buttons at the end, it can be really confusing.

And related to those buttons, I would really, really, REALLY liked to see a clue in the chambers after you shoot the button. Maybe stop the bubbles, it would be a HUGE help. After about 10 rooms you start to wonder... did I checked this one?

Sometimes I found myself without ammo, playing on easy. Not great... I eventually found more ammo, hidden in various places.

I liked a lot that it wasn't hard (on easy). I played quite a few great maps that were very hard on easy. Not this one, here easy seems... easy. Congrats on that, I know it's hard to keep a balance.

Architecture, texturing and details were... ok. Nothing really impressive, but also nothing really ugly. I guess that for a map of this size it's actually quite good. The areas with Doom textures were a bit ugly, maybe if you scaled the textures in those areas, make them smaller...

BTW, not finished yet, still hunting for the buttons. Probably I will never find them all, but I'll keep trying a bit. 
So, I'm about halfway through this one. Hm!

The first thing that jumps out about it, of course, is that it's super big in a modular/cutandpaste way. It just keeps going and going. :-) And it contains many dead-end rooms that exist only to hold a couple of ammo boxes or (less often) a small fight. And there's a lot of empty space.

However, the author seems to have paid a good deal of attention to managing your path with doors, loops, and monster-breadcrumbs -- at least up to this halfway point I've never gotten lost. And even though the visuals are repetitive on the immediate scale, your path pretty regularly transitions through different themes.

It's definitely got a different feel from most other maps being made these days. I was about to say that it's sort of like if you used a time machine to go back and give modern tools to a 90s mapper (before then going on your way to kill Hitler or your own grandfather), but ehhhh that's not quite it. I was impatient with it for a while, but at this point the rhythm and scale of the thing is interesting enough that I'ma keep going. 
BTW I imagine this will need to be repacked in a zipfile in order to get onto Quaddicted. 
Finished. Pretty good ride! It's neat to see work from mappers that are (apparently) outside of the community that I'm familiar with... haven't seen Asl on any forum or Discord yet.

I ain't going back through that whole map just to look for tiny red buttons, but that's fine. ;-) 
I'm also not going to hunt 25 buttons through a gigantic level where every room is doubled at least once only to find out secret level which isn't even present.

Otherwise good combat, glad that it have many rockets and nails, sometimes it is even pretty. 
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