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Slipgate Sightseer Launched!
From their announcement:
Taking inspiration from sites like and Doomworld, Slipgate Sightseer aims to be a unified place where all community members can post their creations regardless of form.
The Quake community's strength has always been in it's sheer dedication to the game, however with the rising popularity Discord this passion is lost to outsiders and people otherwise interested in our community. On top of this, we have lost searchability across the community as a whole, anyone who has had the displeasure of hunting down an obscure texture set knows this problem all too well.
In time we hope the site will become an easy one stop shop for all things Quake, including texture wads, QC snippets, 3D models, maps and mods, and the discussion thereof.
No One Writes To The Colonel 
Been There, Done That 
It's a nice resource. I've been posting and poking around there this week. I do wonder if it will catch on in the way the team wants and how long the enthusiasm will last amongst the admins. was popular for many years and had a thriving community until the maintainer burned out and let it die on the vine. What a disaster. It's still there thanks to new blood but the damage is done.

Let's be honest, Slipseer was created out of frustration on how Quaddicted was run - full stop. The basic philosophies of the maintainers there rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. But I don't think that's a good enough reason to make a replacement. Map releases are still being posted there on a regular basis. So the biggest problem is that those posts weren't happening fast enough for the creators of Slipseer. (That's my take anyway.)

Also, most Slipseer staff are from the Quake Mapping Discord, so one wonders how they will support two active communities? Discord is popular for a reason and I can't see yet another Quake forum being more popular. Is it perfect? Of course not. But that community is thriving and resources can be found if someone makes an effort.

There are over 20k posts right here on func_ that are publicly accessible without an account. It's not like any mapping info is hidden from view. If this site had some way to easily attach and view media files - there would be no need for any other mapping forum.

I wish they had designed Slipseer more like LvL, as a tool for content creators to put resources for the world to see and download. We don't need another bloated forum that will eventually become outdated and/or abandoned.

I don't want to seem like I am shitting on anyone's hard work. I'm not. I'm using the site and it's pretty cool. But it's going to take a lot more work over a period of many years for it to be as valuable a resource as Quaddicted and func. 
It’s a sad thing really, instead of cooperating we find us between those domains trying to operate in unison.
And I understand the quaddicted crew operating like they do. 
I Love Quaddicted. 
For me it's the best resource for Quake maps on the internet. Slipseer has a butt-load of work to do to get the same inventory. Slipseer looks nice though, I wish it every success! Quaddicted isn't updated super-fast, it's a real example of slow and steady wins the race. All maps end up on Quaddicted eventually, unless they are really far from being normal Quake maps. As a curator with a true passion for the game, Quaddicted is unmatched. The mapping Discord is also an excellent community. 
Good Luck With The New Site, But Quaddicted Will Always Be King 
Quaddicted has been my #1 go to place for Quake maps for many years. For the latest maps I always check FUNC first because I know Quaddicted takes their time adding the maps, but I know eventually they will end up there. My favourite part about Quaddicted (aside from it being the largest database/archive of Quake maps) is their user/editor rating system and ability to add comments and tags by the users/visitors. I wish there was something like Quaddicted for Unreal. 
Simply put, Quaddicted is to Quake what is to metal music (they just celebrated 20 years! \m/). I know my fellow metalhead Quake players would agree =) 
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