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Quake Java (sic!) Contributors Wanted
I'm working on a java port of quake2 (jake2) and looking for associates.

Purely as a hobby :)

It's an ongoing project that hardly can be "fully finished" but it's a good opportunity to learn and explore. Right now everything from vanilla Quake2 works fine, but a lot of improvements/features are planned (Check "Goals" section)

Prerequisites: be passionate about quake, programming and game development, java/kotlin skills.

link to the github
Is this related to the original jake2? 
Looks like they took over the project from the original authors:

Daniil Bubnov - current maintainer (2019+)

bytonic Software
Developed the project in 2003 - 2015
Holger Zickner
Carsten Wei├če
Rene Stoeckel
Is This Related To The Original Jake2? 
Yes, it's basically the continuation of it. Bytonic disappeared somewhere around 2015 
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