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Zircon Galaxy - Preview
Zircon Galaxy is a free and open source survival game intended to be available on Steam (and available without Steam).

It is oriented towards the easy creation of single/cooperative maps.

Prototype is hoped to become available this week, which will include "Zircon" J.A.C.K. -- a easy install and start making a map kit.

Zircon Galaxy:

1) Uses the Quake 3 map format
2) The DarkPlaces engine
3) Leverages a large amount of Xonotic content, some OpenQuartz, use of Opengameart and many other sources.
2) Uses info_player_start, func_door, func_door_rotating, etc. to be easy to map for. The "classics".
3) Is backwards compatible to original 1996 Quake -- for bug testing purposes only.
4) The list of features is quite long.
5) Credits for resources will be in the download, it is large. A sound track from distrans, skins from Starbuck, models from QRemodelled, Ruohis, Ceruix, ...

The work of Ladyhavoc, Spike, divverent (and many others) in the DarkPlaces engine and fteqcc and the code/assets in Xonotic/Nexuiz is why the feature set in this project was possible. Xonotic served as a CSQC reference manual.

Special thanks to goldenboy/Supa/ijed/mh for their past work on cameras and rotation, I evolved it further (camera control is largely CSQC in Zircon Galaxy) but needed a solid working starting point.

And special thanks to the developers of the J.A.C.K. map editor. Would provide mapping support for Trenchbroom too, but as I understand it, Trenchbroom cannot q3bsp.

The hoped ultimate result in the long game here is to make a living evolving "galaxy" of single/cooperative maps where players can explore and play together.
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