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Sm220 Prototype Jam 3 : Copper Edition
Lots of new faces here in the QM scene, so let's bridge the gap between newcomers and veterans with a Prototype Jam event! The theme of this jam will, of course, be the use of Khreathor's Prototype Texture WAD. The idea will be a focus on gameplay - take whatever extra energy you would normally pour into visuals and use it for building fun and engaging scenarios and encounters. Novel mechanics and gimmicks are welcome, but some good old fashioned Quake gameplay is the main aim. This event will run for one week, and will be the first prototype jam to use Lunaran's Copper Quake Mod! Looking forward to your entries happy mapping, friends!

START : 12am Friday, August 19th 2022 (+4 UTC)
DEADLINE : Midnight Friday, August 26th 2022
TEXTURES : Khreathor's Prototype Texture WAD ONLY - custom skyboxes will be allowed -
PROGS : Copper 1.19
NAMING : sm220_authorname

- How to Submit Your Entry -​
Please send your submissions to me via Discord DM ( Alekswithak#7607 ) , email ( ) or upload your submission to this thread. Please make sure all relevant files are included and placed in their respective directories (ie, custom music tracks go into a 'music' folder, etc).

- Rules and Guidelines -​
No external textures outside of custom skyboxes, please!
Your map must be compatible with the Quakespasm Source Port.
Your map must be compatible with the latest version of Copper.
Your map must have its trigger_changelevel set to start.
If you would like to use a custom music track, please claim a track number in this thread.
Please do not post your submissions in Downloads - submission guidelines are stated above.

EDIT: added links:
Prototype wad --
Copper mod --
I updated the OP with links to important stuff. 
thanks, metslime! 
due to high demand, we are extending the jam THROUGH THE WEEKEND. While this does make the jam much longer than what would be a normal speedmapping event, I would rather break those conventions and ensure that more people get to participate. We are a community, and this is something people collectively want, then let's do it ! Check the provided link for the new countdown 
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