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Amusement Inferno (copper)

My first solo map. Latest Copper mod version is requared. Bleak fantasy with industrial bits. Medium sized for 15-25 minutes of playtime. Non-linear and therefore a bit confusing. Also map introduces some sort of stealth gameplay with the ability to eliminate some of the ambushes if appropriate secrets are found in time. All in all experience is harder than vanilla, closer to DOMA difficulty.

EDIT: now with screenshots:
Clever traps. Great atmosphere. Love the castle battlements. 
Screenies Pls? 
I will play this... :) 
I guess alexUnder forgot to link the slipseer page for this release, it has some screenshots: 
Screenies Welcome! 
That's the best screens. I didn't know they're needed here Sorry I didn't think about that link myself. And Gila THANKS mate! 
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