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Q1SP DevKit Progs_dump Version 3
progs_dump allows mappers to make complex Quake mods with no coding required. It includes an in-depth 139 page PDF manual.

Download from Google Drive
Download from Quaketastic

progs_dump dev on Discord:

Designed for beginner and intermediate mappers, the devkit allows a massive amount of customization, quality-of-life additions and opens up new game-play possibilities requiring zero knowledge of QuakeC. Assembled from old Quake mods, tutorials and some brand new and unique QuakeC, here are just some of the included features:

New Custom Assets

starshipwaters has created new versions of health vials, armor shards, keys and recreated some of the stock monster projectiles with dozens of new skins.

Monster Customization

Add custom sounds, skins, models, health, damage, names, obituaries and much more, simply by replacing values in your map editor. Grunts, Enforcers, Deathknights, Shamblers and Ogres have multiple new attack options (fireballs, lightning, rapid-fire nails and more). There are killable, gibbable versions of the original Quake bosses.

NEW in pd_300: Most projectiles can be set to homing and their speed can be modified as well. We’ve added turret mode for many monsters, multiple new in-fighting options and passive modes.

Quality-of-Life Features

Trigger spawned monsters, continuous and random monster spawning. Respawn items and suspend them in mid-air. Add custom backpack pickups, drag and drop gore decorations and create visual effects like explosions and lightning effects. Custom models, sprites and sound effects. Multiple targets and targetnames, dormant triggers, enhanced platforms and more.

NEW in pd_300: An entity state system, powerful new scripting abilities, auto-saves, unique new additions to func_train. New animation features for misc_model. A new misc_modeltrain entity allows you to animate models including monsters! New text entities that allow for better storytelling options, including completely customized "end of episode" text!

dumptruck_ds will be posting new videos on YouTube in the coming months that will show much more of what you can do with pd_300. Here's the playlist on youtube: progs_dump playlist
Forgot To Mention 
This is the fourth anniversary of version 1 of the devkit. Can't believe it's been this long! Thanks to metlslime (or Shambler?) for formatting the links above. I couldn't get them to work for some reason. 
Looking Forward To The Mods! 
I am looking forward to the map jams and sets which will use this! I think Sacrilege is already one of them? 
You had me at "trigger spawned monsters". I feel like that should be the default in every Quake mod, haha... 
Yeah Sacrilege uses an alpha version with some of the new assets but the QC has been updated since that release. 
Storytelling Tools 
New pd_300 video highlighting some great new storytelling tools in the latest version from bmFbr and ILike80sRock.

In this video, dumptruck_ds shows how to use three new text entities in progs_dump version 3. These allow for much more powerful storytelling in your projects and are extremely easy to use. You can create custom "Congratulations" end screens thanks to `info_intermissiontext` by ILike80sRock. And with the new trigger_ and target_ textstory entities by bmFbr, you can have text stay on screen as long as needed, with or without a custom background fade. 
Item_backpack Doesn't Target Other Entities 
It looks like item_backpack can't target other entities. I even tried to manually add a 'target' key for the backpack, and sure enough, it didn't fire its intended target. Is this an oversight? 
This is actually a vanilla bug, but if there's a trigger that displays a message, it will play the default message sound, even if the 'sounds' key has a value of 0, which is supposed to make the trigger silent. In the Copper mod triggers can be muted by assigning the value -1. Maybe a similar solution could be used in progs_dump? 
Loading A Save Mid-cutscene Locks Mouse Aim 
Sorry about the spam, but I found another bug: I was in the middle of a cutscene, when I went to the console to load my autosave, and after the load was complete, my mouse was stuck in mouse movement, not mouse aim. I was able to reset the mouse behavior by restarting the map. 
One More Bug, If I May... 
Sorry for... bugging you once more, but I noticed that I could replace the netname for the Quad Damage power-up but not for the Pentagram. Another oversight? 
Sorry you are finding bugs and issues here and there. It's been a long time since some of these features were implemented in pd.

Item_backpack Doesn't Target Other Entities -- Please understand I am still no expert on QuakeC and item backpack was completed by trial and error. For the most part it works as "designed" but targeting entities is an oversight on my part. The work around would be to add a trigger_once around the backpack in question. An extra step, but easy.

it will play the default message sound, even if the 'sounds' key has a value of 0 A workaround for this is to add a noise key to your trigger and set it to misc/null.wav I'll address this in the future release since it's an easy fix.

Loading A Save Mid-cutscene Locks Mouse Aim
Please refer to Cutscene best practices on page 112 of the manual. Cut scenes are a huge hack that I borrowed from another mod. They are difficult to use in the best cases.

netname for the Quad Damage power-up
I never intended for artifacts names to be changed. See page 48 of the manual.

The BEST place to report bugs or issues is on GitHub. I am not developing pd any longer with the exception of small tweaks here and there when time permits. There will be another release some time this summer and I will address some of these you mention above. 
I am finally getting to some of the bug fixes and feature requests you posted above. I'll post here when a new version is ready. 
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