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Brutalist Jam Released
QBJ is a 2.5week long mapping jam centered around concrete and brutalist architecture, built in Copper. 35 maps in total made by community members, with veterans and first-timers alike creating some truly unique and fantastic visuals and encounters.


More screenshots and download

Rock Paper Shotgun article

Youtube video of the start map
Very nice collection. I like the dystopian vibe, reminds me a lot of Half Life 2. Some maps are truly impressive.

One question: the map "peculiar investigation" - is it supose to be just a simple walk, without monsters? I guess it is, but even so, it's weird that a huge portion of the map will be skipped (the one that requires the blue key to enter). Is it meant to be a secret?

I could not reach the blue key without cheating... Maybe the author of the map is reading this and might give a hint... 
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