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Q1SP: The Rust Forge (jpqm12)

After a long break, here's my new Quake 1 SP map - "The Rust Forge" (jpqm12.bsp).

Map is utilizing latest progs_dump v3.0 mod devkit by dumptruck_ds. Requires a source port that supports bsp2 format (increased limits) - quakespasm works best.

Map features:
- runic / base setting with void vibes
- progs_dump features: monster variants, special effects, enhanced trains & plats etc
- full weapon set, 5 secrets, approx. 230 enemies (bit less on easy)
- playtime around 30 min depending on difficulty level



Very Nice 
I enjoyed the map, it's a solid map, architecture is great, texturing is awesome, so many textures and details. And, the most important thing for me: playing on easy - it was indeed easy, GREAT job. 
It's always good to see the custom enemies put to use, and I don't need a reason to use them over the originals either, but thunderbolt enforcers? Dumptruck has gone too far. 
That was Greenwood's idea ages ago and ILike80sRock made it happen!

So blame them?

Also those were in Quoth so I felt it was a good add to pd. 
i'm personally a fan of grunt/enforcer variance, for a base-style map it gets really boring to use JUST the regular ones. it gives opportunity to place more low-health quick-kill monsters for the player to mow through, but still create a threat out of them if ignored.
the "rapid fire nail grunts" are the best. if well-placed in turret mode they are essentially deathtraps.

Please note - for The Rust Forge i actually decided last-minute to REDUCE the # of variants :D probably a good choice :D 
what a map. the ambient sound was great, liked the supernailgun grunts too 
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