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Q1SP: Power Structure (Alkaline)
Aesopolis released a new map! It uses Alkaline 1.1.

He said:

"I started this level a month into learning how to map, and spent the next 8 months tweaking and improving it as I learned the ropes. This means that it might have some nice ideas, but it's poorly optimized for slower systems and has a few design issues. But overall, I feel pretty good about the end result.

For the design, I based it on the Dark Souls 2 DLC Crown of the Sunken King, but sci-fi instead of fantasy. If I follow through on the original plan, this will be level 2 of a 5-level episode. That may or may not happen. If people like this enough, I'll at least make a second map for the temple itself.

The music in the map is streamer-friendly. It's "Flow" by Anna Centauri, downloaded from Used with Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0, no modifications."



Slipseer page:
This Map Is Very Cool! 
I love how it's built inside a massive atrium, kinda goes against classic Quake design principals, but in the days of Ironwail and vkQuake, why not? Makkon textures used very nicely here. Has some really nice details too. 
Aesopolis's Message From The Duplicate Thread: 
THis was what Aesopolis wrote in the other thread for this release, (which has now been closed as a dupe):

I finally released a level that I've been working on for the past 8 months, while learning how to actually map. It's been getting some pretty good feedback on Slipseer, and I just made some updates to it.

Unfortunately, easy mode isn't that much easier, and I know this is important for some people. I'll improve this for a future update. It was hard enough just getting this thing out the door as it is.
Easy Mode 
Easy mode was... ok. There were some parts of the map that were not so easy, but overall it was decent. Much, MUCH better than other maps, where easy is INSANELY hard. 
Impressive, Albeit A Tad Confusing In Spots 
Like Ricky stated above, the detailing and build is quite nice; very impressive for a 2nd map! However, I got a bit confused in some parts with progression, either due to a breakable that wasn't clear, "laser X barriers" that seemed to serve no purpose, or a crucial button camouflaged in a sea of lit tech panels. Also, I really wished for a nailgun earlier & a few battles seemed rather unbalanced, at least for "normal." Luckily, the Alk's "resurrect" feature came in handy!

Anyway, it's definitely a cool Base map. I'm willing to bet that a few more playtesters (like "normal" & "easy" folks) would smooth out these minor issues. Of course, I'm always pleased to see a map using Alkaline! :) 
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