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Arcane Dimensions
Back to Quake maps after 13 years, Used to be caught up on all the maps made. Now...... :)
Having an odd problem with this, I'm running it through the remaster. Put the music folder into the ad directory. Do the console for game ad, map start. Everything is fine but when I enter a portal it show's the stats screen. Click to load level and it just show's another angle of the map. Keep clicking and it just cycles through the level shots and won't load into a level, I typed map ad_lavatomb and that is working fine, Just confused with leaving the start map. Thanks for any help and good to be back to Quake. You guys have been busy since I last played way back in 2009.
Press space. 
lol, damn, that simple. Never considered it. Thanks for the help :) excellent maps so far (lavatomb, dm1 and mountain). Was unable to get ad_cruical to load through the console though. Going through normally from start map and it loads fine. Thanks again :) 
Right mouse button ? 
Never tried that either. The remaster tells you to hit left mouse to continue and that has worked fine on everything I've played but suddenly did not work with AD. I thought it was a bug running it through the remaster. I'll have to say I feel pretty stupid now, Maybe I should just flip around that new, and awesome, triple barrel shotgun and shoot myself in the face. :P 
You Aren't Stupid 
The default behavior was changed in the mod so easy mistake. I'd recommend using Ironwail or vkQuake as opposed to the Remastered engine. You won't get the new models in Ironwail but it's the best engine for SP Quake at the moment. IIRC vkQuake will load the new monster models. Neither of these engines will display the new dynamic lights or motion blur but AD will play nicely on both.

Ironwail can be installed easily anywhere on your PC and will automatically find your Steam version of the remaster when launched. I'll have a video on my channel in the next few weeks with many more details but for now you can try these engines out.

Pay attention to the vkQuake instructions and requirements.

Ironwail (0.6.0 and above)
vkQuake (1.20.3 or above) 
Thanks for the info. Sorry for the delayed response. Just finished AD from the test maps through the end map. Some truly exceptional work. :) 
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