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Tool That Makes Target/names Management Easier For Duplication
I've made a little web tool ( )

You can copy some entities in Trenchbroom, put it into the input field, press the button, and then you see the list of targets / targetnames. Based on all of the targets / targetnames / killtargets.

After changing it, press the create output button, and then the copy to clipboard button. Then you can paste back into Trenchbroom.

This makes it easier to duplicate larger setups, with path_corners for example.

You can even copy entire maps. So you could use this to combine multiple levels into each other.

Any feedback / feature suggestions is/are appreciated.

Thanks :)
This Is Actually Pretty Neat 
I copied my entities from Trenchbroom into it and realised that I had an entity with a targetname set to "". Oops! Like nathnolt said - you can use this to remove naming conflicts very easily if you plan to marge maps. Or if you are having signon buffer issues, this could be used to give shorter entity names. Or if you just want to change your names, you can do it very quickly with this. 
This seems really useful.

In the long run this seems like something Trenchbroom should support internally. I believe Radiant would automatically rename targetnames if you copy/pasted. On the other hand, sometimes you don't want that. Maybe it needs to be a toggle. 
Works Great!! 
One suggestion for a future release. Maybe checkboxes to select a given suffix style:

1. leading zero (e.g. -01 or _01)
2. append with a letter (e.g. -a or _a)

Along with an option to automate adding them. This would save people having to add by hand. 
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