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Series Of Articles On Internal Structure Of Quake Engines
Judging from discussions in Discord channel, it seems like some longtime Quake mappers still don't understand engine basics, like which BSP version is Quake, which is HL, what's the difference, etc.

Back in 2012 Xash3D coder Uncle Mike has wrote several articles explaining inner workings of Quake in more simple words. Couple years ago I translated the first one as an experiment of sorts, doing some restructuring, some additions and explanations, and improving my own understanding of Quake along the way.

I posted the article on but there was no feedback so I didn't continue. But maybe here the article will come in handy:

Culling Invisible Objects in Quake Engines
Curious, is the original still online? Could you share the URL, please? 
Scanned it. Will read the whole thing later. Some of those nonsequitur headings read like an AI wrote it. :) 
Game Logic 
There was a day I thought I would understand Quake's logic. Don't think it will ever do.
Nice read though. 
2 Perlence
Originals are on in registered-only sub but these were copied over to 
2 dumptruck_ds
Headings are mine, bc the original was a wall of text. Repurposed from old anecdotes and dumb jokes. Homework: find the one based on DX: HR teaser. 
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