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ION03: Fhtagn-Nagh
Large Quake single player map, using the Copper mod (v 1.20). A crumbling tower rising from a poison sea, built entirely on the 64-unit grid. A brushwork experiment taken to strange extremes.

Features a custom soundtrack courtesy of Doom Metal stalwarts Pantheist.


Download it here:
looks like a - Luna in Silver Shards- extended!
Yeah, Kinda. 
I’m hopelessly smitten with the Koohoo / Heretic2 / R’lyeh theme. 
Haunting Epic 
Huge vertical fun. I don't remember last time I had to fight so many monsters on easy (ammo & health aplenty, thx !) and never felt cornered. I rushed the climb of the main tower (an absolute blast) and then I tried some various daring moves... Weeks ago, I finally finished Heretic 2. It was my 3rd attempt since the game release! Echoes of mayan H2 are here, but the moss layered textile blocks of Koohoo and the HPL inspiration add a welcome and much darker touch. Subdued colors and Shub towers in the distant fog are delightful to see... Music is perfect. It merges the player even more in the map scope, which I feel more like a whole game episode. The arrowless wandering is a bit disorienting at first. And spiraling your way up and down doesn't help. But I embraced the whole dizziness it generates as part of the experience in the end.

71:01, 8/21, 175/256: So, I'll take a big breath and go back. Congrats for this Q1... cornerstone! 
I’m glad you enjoyed the map.

Pantheist has released the track on their Bandcamp
page, for anyone interested in the track lacking the patience to blast through hundreds upon hundreds of monsters. 
Quite an experience! I'm glad you put a bow on this and released it. :-) The mood from the visuals+music is spot on. Some neat exploring too... it's a bold choice to put that much of the map behind secret doors, but I'm here for it!

(I'm actually currently puttering around in what I think is the final room; haven't figured out yet how to trigger the ending.)

I found maybe 14 of the secrets, but I don't feel the need to be completionist there. A few neat designs among those... I'm thinking in particular of one secret-combination where one message-from-a-dead-ranger hints at a destination, a different message hints at how to get there, and then the solution to that hint also clued me in on ANOTHER secret that helped me unlock a door at that destination. (Sorry for the vagueness but spoilers I guess.) Nice setup.

There's some pacing problems I think, e.g. quite a bit of toiling up long big ramps taking potshots at 1 or 2 scrags. But overall a must-play. 
I was really stoked when I saw news of a new ionous map. I was hoping to leave a comment after playing it but looks like that might not be possible in the near future so for now I'll say that I'm glad that you're still finding the time to map. The screenshots look great and the concept is really interesting. Hope that we'll continue to see new releases from you even if they take a long time given your other obligations. 
Had a blast, did not expect so much secret stuff!
5/5.. Must play. 
Thanks Y’all 

Glad you enjoyed it. There were many a thing I should have fixed; your concerns are more than valid. But it reached a point where I needed to focus on other projects, and was unlikely to ever return to ion03 anytime soon (and this is after I didn’t touch it for over a year).

Poor chop:

Time is rare, but I do still have Quake projects in progress (Tremor, ion04, other stuff I’ll keep to myself for now), though Wrath demands most of my attention. 
Got to play this today. Good stuff. Want to 100% this one. Gonna replay for sure.

Happy New Year Mother-func-ers! 
I finished this over a few weekends. I only killed about half the monsters and I got only 2 secrets but I really loved the visuals. I like how you created other towers in the distance rather than just having one isolated central tower in a void. The combat was a little frustrating because of the number of scrags and the fact that it was hard to know when I was aggregating them. Things also got a bit tight towards the top. I still thought that the map was great. Ambitious and open maps like this make it tough to nail the combat but you made it work. Like dumptruck, I'm gonna replay it eventually and explore some more. I'm really curious as to whether it's possible to reach those other towers in the distance.

Glad to know that you have other maps in the works. 
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