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Twenty Years Of Func!
Based on the timestamp of the General Abuse thread, yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Func_Msgboard. I never expected, when putting this site together in 2002, that it might still be going 2 decades later, but here we are. I want to give thanks to the entire community of mappers and players that migrated here from Qmap, and mapped and chatted over the years. Thanks to Shambler, Vondur, and nitin for moderation. And finally a big thanks to SleepwalkR for hosting and frequent technical assistance over the years.
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So Long, And Thanks For All The Maps (and Related Banter)! 
It's hard to believe it's been so long. The board is still here, Quake is still here, and the community is still here, and somehow feeling even bigger than it ever was, regardless of the fact that most of it has moved to new premises.

There's always been something nice about func's (and Qboard before it) simplicity and weird narrow layout. On modern computers it's especially weird, but I still love it. I guess that's because it's from a time when everyone made their websites themselves and there weren't auto website generators like there are these days. Thanks for all the hard work building and maintaining this place, Metlslime!

While it's indeed sad that activity has really dropped off here due to people moving to other sites and Discord for chat, I hope the site stays up for a bit longer, as I want to make at least one more release post if anyone is still around moderating (or reading) this place a couple of months from now :)

Thanks everyone, it's been fun! 
Hype! ^ 
me too BTW.... 
<3 From A Long Time Lurker 
I rarely post, but this site is a time capsule for me and my Quake adventures. would make me sad if it will vanish at some point (although understandable)..

thanks to everyone involved throughout the years. you helped foster a wonderful community and lots of great memories. 
This website brings me so much nostalgia it almost feels like a drug. 
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