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Twenty Years Of Func!
Based on the timestamp of the General Abuse thread, yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Func_Msgboard. I never expected, when putting this site together in 2002, that it might still be going 2 decades later, but here we are. I want to give thanks to the entire community of mappers and players that migrated here from Qmap, and mapped and chatted over the years. Thanks to Shambler, Vondur, and nitin for moderation. And finally a big thanks to SleepwalkR for hosting and frequent technical assistance over the years.
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Quaddicted is indeed getting a re-design. I think it will be a bit of time before you see new maps there. Here's a fantastic web tool that polls both the sites and has an RSS feed as well. You won't see any recent Quaddicted maps there at the moment but they should show up whenQD is back to 100%.

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I hope the new map list interface maintains the density of the current one. 
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