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Quak: The Latest Map Releases In A Single List
"Quak" is a website that displays map releases from both Quaddicted and Slipseer in a single list, since some releases may not appear on both websites. Created by CnEY a few months ago.

CnEY wrote: As someone who suffers FOMO and/or confusion when browsing quaddicted and/or slipseer, I created a frontend that scans both. (For anyone curious/concerned: It crawls at most once per hour for new stuff and stops when it hits something it's already seen; it re-crawls once per day fully. Otherwise queries run against an in-memory or filesystem cache.)
Also I added it to the the links page. 
Very Useful! 
Thank you for this great idea and execution!

Would it be possible to create an RSS feed of new "releases" so that users could track them, say, from their phones? 
Awesome site! An RSS feed would be very helpful indeed. 
Very cool!

You're going to get a lot of duplicates, since every map release from Slipseer will allllmost certainly then show up on Quaddicted.

It would be nice for the backend here to compare the zipfile names to catch duplicates, but I _think_ it's impossible to get the zipfile name from Slipseer just from page-scraping. Hmm.

FWIW you could fetch headers on a Slipseer download link and look for the content-disposition header, e.g.:

> curl -s --head | grep -i content-disposition

content-disposition: attachment; filename="" 
CnEY Is A Bit Of A Legend 
He's been trying to play ALL the Quake. Worth a plug for his channel: 
You absolute lad.

There is now an RSS feed! 
Awesome, only getting better and better. 
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