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Dwell Episode 2 Released
Dwell episode 2 has been released!

The Episode 2 Update includes...
• 14 new maps, including 3 bonus maps.
• 2 new bosses warding the runes of power.
• 2 new weapons with unique skill-based mechanics.
• 3 new monsters to face-down.
• 3 new powerups to enhance your abilities.
• 16 new custom music tracks by Alekswithak.
• A new Start Hub to explore.
• Episode 1 revamp, featuring new encounters, expanded levels and a new boss level.
• Deathmatch layouts for many existing levels.

(be sure to download the latest version (2.1) released today, it has a ton of tweaks and bugfixes compared to the version released 2 days ago.)


Soundtrack Is Available On Bandcamp 
Awesome Mod! 
This is a great one. Thanks a lot for the hard work. This mod is a gem! 
D2M8 Is Pure Madness! 
Geez! 1155 monsters, and 60 secrets in this level!!! 
This is great stuff, much thanks to the author! 
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