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Quake3_Quake1 Single Player Release (DarkPlaces/Zircon)
This Quake 1 single player mod makes DarkPlaces / Zircon feature available for mapping with a QuakeC implementation of numerous DarkPlaces capabilities.



Install: Unzip to quake/quake3_quake1 folder

Startup: darkplaces.exe -game quake3_quake1 or zircon.exe -game quake3_quake1

This is a playable single player tech demo demonstrating features available.

The QuakeC is open source (and the maps). J.A.C.K./TrenchBroom .fgd and instructions will be available in a few days.

This mod makes many DarkPlaces extensions available as usable features, the demo maps showcase some of them.

Examples: func_text, npc text dialog, books, mechanical contraptions, keypads, radios, attachments, a quick vehicle interaction, barriers with feedback, usable items/buttons, custom finale text.
Moddb Top #50 
You wouldn't know it from here, but this hit #50 at Moddb.

It is getting a ton of views.

This does not make DarkPlaces the equivalent of Unity or Unreal, yet there is functionality available to make immersive and complex single player campaigns that have complexity and sophistication, effects and high texture resolution. 
God I wish I had time to mess with this atm. Looks promising. 
Thanks. Take your time. I wanted to put more maps in the first release, but a map leak of no obvious reason wreaked havoc and I had to rebuild some of the map from a backup.

So maybe there are more maps when you do get the time. 
Books Tutorial 
I loved fitzQuake 0.8 because it was simplified and structured. I guess Mark V didn't go that way didn't it? 
I believe I have offended thee somehow.

I apologize. Whoever you are. Do I know you?

/But really, who the fuck is that guy? Is it the guy with the Quake compiler no one uses? WTF do I have to do with that ... I never even commented about that. 
Look Crystallize 
Whatever wrong I have done you, I would like to rectify it. I used to drunk post fairly regularly, I cannot rule out that I am not guilty of some injustice in the past before my 5 and one half years exodus from Quake.

I usually posted bad humor (usually shitty jokes) or bickered with known trolls who liked that kind of interaction. I usually was otherwise jovially positive and typically did not interact with thin skinned users or unknown users. I was never looking to hurt, only to entertain.

But like most beer posts, do I really remember what I posted in full?

So I am likely guilty of something here. 
For some reason I thought that Zircon and Fitzquake are made by the same person. 
I'm still confused, but appreciate that you replied. 
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