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Re:Mobilize is a brand-new single-player Quake modification by EmeraldTiger and Inky that introduces three new movement-based mechanics to the game, opening up devious new challenges to players and a whole new dimension of possibilities for level designers.

- Trampolines: Perform death-defying leaps of faith across even the most intimidating gaps and chasms.

- Wiremeshes: Nothing can stop you, not even gravity itself. More than just simple ladders, these surfaces let you move up, down, sideways, and even hang from ceilings.

- Lighthooks and Lightpanels: The lighthook's purely photonic composition allows it to instantly latch onto any visible lightpanel, regardless of distance. You'll be hooked in no time - literally.

Re:Mobilize comes with 11 challenging new levels from the malevolent minds of the Quake community, each employing Re:Mobilize's signature mechanics:

- An Excursion to Carcosa (rm_carcosa) by Inky
- Beneath the Frozen Moon (rm_moon) by Tonhao
- Concrete Substratum (rm_substratum) by riktoi
- Echoes of Repercussion (rm_echoes) by iYago
- Peak Memory Usage (rm_peak) by Tonhao
- Ranger Dynamics (rm_dynamics) by EmeraldTiger
- RE:1M8 (rm_re1m8) by spootnik
- Swamps of Heretics (rm_heretics) by Heresy
- The Yawning Temple (rm_yawning) by DragonsForLunch
- Urn (rm_urn) by nickster
- Waterfront Citadel (rm_waterfront) by EmeraldTiger

Furthermore, not content with simply redefining Quake movement, Re:Mobilize enjoys and expands upon the benefits of dumptruck_ds's groundbreaking progs_dump 3.0 development kit, giving level designers access to all of its dastardly features - and even some new ones. Inky of Church of the Unholy fame contributes several new features to help level designers elevate their maps to whole new levels, including, but certainly not limited to:

- trigger_enterleave: A brush-based trigger entity that fires one set of events upon entering it, and another when leaving it.

- trigger_random: A point trigger entity that randomly fires one of its four targets, which have weights that can be adjusted per-target to make certain targets more likely to fire than others, as well as a pain_target property that serves as a useful check for the existence of a target.

- Enhancements to trigger_filter: Can now check against modulus (%) calculations, ammo for each weapon; origin, angles, and velocity; and more!

- Puzzle Items HUD: To get around the issue of custom keys not showing up in the HUD due to engine limitations, a purely QC-based "Puzzle Items HUD" has been developed by Inky to let you view your custom keys at any time.

Re:Mobilize has been in development since December 2021, and over the course of 2022 and this year the mod grew in scope far beyond my expectations, in no small part thanks to the contributions and assistance of the community, particularly Inky who has helped significantly with developing, bug testing, and providing new features for the mod that would never have made it in otherwise, as well as all of the level designers and playtesters involved in development. We hope that the community not only finds Re:Mobilize enjoyable, but inspires level designers to come up with ideas that make use of the new mechanics to create challenging new maps and bring forth a paradigm shift in Quake mapping altogether.

Download at Slipseer:

Download at ModDB:
These Wiremeshes. ., 
Is it possible to make quake entities also make these moves or are they player restricted? 
RE: u can see enemies using Lighthooks and Lightpanels in the trailer 
Must-play-quake Video 
Here's some info on the mod if your on the fence. 
Lost My Post 
uh.., right but I wondered.
Is it possible to make the monstets have the same ability as the player?
ie: wiremeshes , so you can make monsters hang on ceilings & walls? 
As far as I have seen, monsters can only use trampolines and light panels... not the wire meshes. 
Feel Sorry For Them.., 
they might get too smart. 
Not Supported 
As dumptruck said, monsters currently can't use wiremeshes. Not sure if it would be possible at all, but it would certainly not look very good anyway. Can you imagine a knight walking mid air hanging from the ceiling by the top of their helmet?
A new monster especially designed and coded to hug walls and walk on ceilings would probably make more sense and offer a new kind of enemy taylored for RM and its mechanics. 
Thanks Inky 
I was asking, because I stil 
Try to type before Google interrupts. .,

I was asking, because I still have this Eshermap and saw an opportunity to enrich it with new monsters.

Great mod btw! 
Not Done Yet 
After a few maps in, I gotta say these new gameplay elements are quite appealing. Funny enough, they worked best for me in the intro map ("Ranger Dynamics"). Here nothing slows you down, the new mechanics work intuitively while not affecting gameflow in a negative way.

Unfortunately, it stands and falls with the maps, apparently. So far there are two levels I found somewhat difficult to handle.

"Carcosa" felt kinda cryptic to me. Often I couldn't figure out what to do or where to go next, mostly due to the whole thing being heavier on the puzzle side. The way the map needs to be completed is also anything but obvious, to say the least. (Side note: What's the point of the gold key gate leading to rm_directions? Looked like a dead end to me.)

"Urn" on the other hand was simply too dark for my taste and navigation also proved to be confusing. It all looks kinda samey, so I often found myself moving around in circles.

Again, I'm not through with it yet and there were already entries which convinced me. Maybe I just picked the wrong levels at the beginning. Still, I like the general idea and hope more (enjoyable) entries are added in the near future. 
Btw I hope you enjoyed how I remixed your ogre fisherman as a turreteer and the dark young as the body part of the Haunter of the Dark! 🙂 
Directions is Carcosa's secret map.
It's intentionally simplistic on the design because the focus is on abstract puzzles.
Not a dead end, not a test map forgotten in the final release pack by mistake...
But you're not the only one to feel so and fail at understanding what it's all about.
So obviously that's my fault, sorry for that. I'll make sure it's more clear in the upcoming Re:Mobilize 1.1 update. 
Just want to make sure this is understood the way it's intended: constructive criticism. For what it's worth, I have no issues with the general layout or visuals of these maps. They're both great. However, when compared to the others, more guidance could be helpful.

Especially referring to "Carcosa" now, so spoilers ahead:
- My assumption was the golden key gate was the regular exit. Of course I didn't find the key, so I noclipped through.
- I was even more confused with the way you have to finish the map. You need a gold bar, which can also be used for a secret. However, the fact that you can and must retrieve the gold bar afterwards was totally unexpected. You even get punished for it. I only tried when I couldn't find a second piece of gold anywhere.
- Additionally, I didn't even realize I found the exit when I saw it. Took it for a secret. Maybe it should be marked more explicitly, plus some hint how to get there (if there is one, I didn't see it).
- The part where you needed to find an eye piece to pass through the library. Admittedly, there are hints to make the connection. My problem was I couldn't find the necessary item. To top it off, for some reason I couldn't float down the gravity well from the library to the ground floor any more without cheating. 
This looks amazing! Absolutely love the concepts here! 
Re:Mobilize 1.1 Out! 
This update to Re:Mobilize introduces several improvements to both the maps and the code for the mechanics (in particular trampolines, all thanks to bmFbr for his hard work), resolving some commonly cited issues with the initial release while also introducing additional features.



See links above for full changelog. 
Re:Mobilize 1.1 Out! 
This update to Re:Mobilize introduces several improvements to both the maps and the code for the mechanics (in particular trampolines, all thanks to bmFbr for his hard work), resolving some commonly cited issues with the initial release while also introducing additional features.



See links above for full changelog. 
After Playing The New Version 
I've made my peace with the maps I had complained about. "Urn" is still dark, but the new ingame messages guide you sufficiently to avoid getting stuck. I have also managed to finish "Carcosa" properly for the first time now. Before I hadn't been able to figure out what to do with that gun turret, but there were indicators which I had not seen before. This should now be fully playable, even though I profited from knowledge gained during my initial playthrough. 
Carcosa Making-of 
For those interested, I'm happy to anounce I uploaded a detailed writing about the conception of my Carcosa map on my website: 
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