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Quake: Mjölnir 1.0
Announced in 2021 ( ), Quake: Mjölnir is a free, open source expansion of id Software’s classic 1996 first person shooter Quake ( ).

It is inspired by one of the earliest concepts of Quake, that players would wield Thor’s hammer Mjölnir and explore a medieval world of magic and monsters.

## Download

The Mjölnir team is glad to announce the release of Quake: Mjölnir 1.0 on Quake’s 27th birthday of June 22, 2023:

**DOWNLOAD** (includes Keep 1.00):: 1.54gb

We recommend playing Mjölnir in a modern Quake engine such as Ironwail ( ), vkQuake ( ), Quakespasm-Spiked ( ), or FTE ( ).


## Notes

We hope you enjoy this first playable release of a very long-standing project featuring work by many artists and musicians; full credits can be found in the Quake: Mjölnir Manual ( ).

Mjölnir is powered by Keep ( ), which itself incorporates content from Arcane Dimensions ( ), Drake ( ), and Arms of Asgard ( ), among others.


`Quake: Mjölnir includes artwork whose creation was supported by the University of Manitoba Department of Icelandic in 2021 ( ), and we would like to thank them for their support.`
Also On Slipseer 
If a mod could be so kind as to add the mirror to the top post and give it top billing, the other one is rate limited sadly. 
When Your Jaw 
drops all the way to the floor when only seeing the start map, you know you haven't downloaded this behemoth for a good reason. 
... have downloaded, ofc. 
Download Link Added 
Was Tyrann actively and recently involved in this? 
Re: Tyrann 
He was privy to the behind the scenes early on and has contributed to what will be in the next part to Mjolnir. 
3rd Mirror 
Dropbox has been ging us some issues, so here is a 3rd alternate mirror in case those aren't working: 
A patch is in the works. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We've been taking notes. Team is a little burnt out at the moment but should have something in a few days. That said continued feedback is appreciated if people stil want to keep playing and exploring. 
Uhm.., Copyright Incident 
Mjolnir Patch 1 
Mjolnir Patch 1 is out to be applied to existing download overwriting the existing files. A new full version with patch applied is still uploading for those who haven't yet downloaded it if they wanted to wait a few-hours/a-day.


Thank you for your patience and the Mjolnir team hopes you enjoy the pack! 
Teaser Video 
Problem Loading Mj4m4 Of Mjolnir Patch 1 
on IW after completing mj4m3 IW exit to desktop. Same while Im trying to run mj4m4 via console. The only way to run this map I found by QSS with -heapsize 1048576 but monsters won`t attacking me or just few of them try to do it and rest are stand still. 
I like the camera work in the video. 
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