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I Will Pay For A Web-based Level Editor!
I am so fucking sick and tired of my life situation where everything conspires to come between me and my leveldesign. The solution to this is a browser-based editor I can access from my phone so I can make levels while I am sitting in some stupid place waiting for stupid processes to be done.

I am thinking of turning Trenchbroom into a WASM with a HTML5/CSS3-based frontend interface (as it will scale to mobiles quite easily) communicating through JS or similar.

If anyone is interested and able to do it please let me know so we can get this started. I am also a webdev with experience with WASM etc. but my only problem is I don't have any fucking time.

My e-mail is:

quakeulf (#1482)
Why not spend a fraction of that money on a laptop that can run trenchbroom, as well as Quake and a whole load of other programs associated with level editing? 
Well ... 
I can think of many situations were carrying a laptop around is not the best idea,and it seems like quakeulf has to deal with some other of those reasons.

On the other side, i cannot fathom how could mapping in a phone can be done, save something like Minecraft maybe, but its still hard.

Good luck. 
"my only problem is I don't have any fucking time"

Incorrect .. many other problems spotted ...

1. "I am also a webdev"

Well, at least you know you know you are not actually developer and took the time to clarify the lesser subclass that describes yourself.

2. "I am so fucking sick and tired of my life situation where everything conspires to come between me and my leveldesign"

How much can a Windows laptop actually cost?

Jesus fuck! So you have a poopy Chromebook. In what EU country can you not afford Windows?

I don't blame you you, the fact you cannot afford a proper Windows laptop is a failure of whatever communist country in the EU you are a part of.

If you are in an a non-EU country like Ukraine, I apology but my country is supplying you with bombs if that is the case.

3. "experience with WASM"

Yes, the poor man's equalizer to allowing to inability to code in real programming languages to matter.

Except when it doesn't work or when coding in a real programming works better.

I'm not posting to criticize you. it is out of love.

Way to make clueless derogatory statements about someone who you don't even know and who has experience working for AAA studios and releasing his own indie games. His website also used to showcase an AR project he was doing for Microsoft's HoloLens, but I guess that section was pulled out due to NDA when Microsoft cancelled a number of VR & AR projects a while ago.

Talking shit about people's financial situations is also an assholish move. This "just stop being poor" attitude is simply a way to portray yourself as a subhuman scum. 
There aren't any communist countries in the EU. 

Have you considered TightVNC or something similar? So you could control a Linux desktop with Trenchbroom remotely from your phone.

The advantage of this is that it would not disrupt your workflow (you just get home and continue working) and you don't get slowdowns (other than network). You can look into exposing your home PC to the outside with Tailscale. 
Whenever I read Baker's posts I feel like I'm having a stroke. 
LOL @ communist country, the brainwashing of us media of portraying socialism as something bad seems to work… 
Where were you on January 6th, 2021? 
I wouldn't use a web-based level editor for "free," let alone pay for one. I don't want to have every edit and mistake I make being logged and viewed by God-knows-whoever runs the website app. Who needs "communism" when we've now got surveillance capitalism?

Otherwise, I sympathize with the OP's rant. I often wish I could take my projects with me to places, because I hate being forced to wait around doing nothing when I could be doing something creative/productive. 
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