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Looking For A Level Designer For New Game Startup (paid Gig)
Hey All,

Most of you may not remember me, but I was active on this message board some.. 20 years ago.. made some really terrible maps for quake (1), avid qw player, also made the Cube 1 / 2 games (for which there is still an icon on here after all these years, thanks John :) Also worked AAA game stuff (as a programmer) at Crytek, Gearbox, Maxis, Google..

And now I am running my own little game studio, making this , and guess what, I need a level designer, and I have fond memories of the great care some of the best quake mappers take making beautiful spaces.. and I am wondering.. would these people be better candidates than your average industry LD? Maybe.

However, what I am making now is very different from Quake in many ways, its all based on blocks of voxels, and in some sense LD is easier since you can just overlap stuff and no need to BSP or VIS.. but I see some similarities, in the need to neatly fit structures together modularly. Gameplay is also very different (though its partially an FPS), and some "story telling" skills are going to be required.

Anyway, all that is to say if the above fits certain Quake mappers that have produced really high quality stuff, and might be looking for a job, point em my way. Industry experience not necessarily required if the quality of the work is clearly high enough.

Here's a doc with more detail on what we're looking for:

Aardappel / Wouter
Sent You An Email! 
But there's more to say and show. Hope we can talk more about it. 
i just wanted to thank you for creating some of the most inspirational projects during my youth years. cube and cube2 were great, and it is awesome to know that you are continuing to work on projects that put an individual's creativity at the center.

ps.: lobster is really cool.
ps2: wadc was the shit 
adib: will check :)
oglerau: Thanks for the kind words :) 
curious: is this written in lobster? 
oglerau: yup, you bet :)

Details of how it was written in Lobster (warning, endless PL nerdery ahead): 
do you plan on adding some sort of physics integration into the language? ODE or Jolt. 
Watched the presentation yesterday. Whoever loves programming should see too :) 
oglerau: it currently uses the physics engine from the old Cube engine :) It is fast and feels great, but is not very advanced (no rigid body), but probably could be extended to do so. If that isn't sufficient, I'd likely want to integrate Jolt.

adib: thanks :) 
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