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ADSP: The Anomaly 3: Tower

I finally sat down and finished my new map.
Map for Arcane Dimensions v1.81 and require port with bsp2 support.



I will be glad to have recorded demos and any feedback
Very Cool Map! 
i haven't played such quality release for a while. i liked the interconnectivity, monster spawn tricks, bmodel tricks and overall proper AD atmosphere.

thanks for the map, mr digs!

here's the first run demo: 
Thank you. I was interested in watching you play. And I'm glad you liked the map 
That's The Biggest Demo File I've Ever Seen! 
Congrats on the release, Digs. Thank you for the timely Xmas AD treat. 
I accept gratitude
And thank you for testing! 
Congratulations for this excellent map! The elements that change positions are really quite unsettling, I loved this mechanic.

I've stumbled upon the following bug upon entering the door the screenshot. I use vkQuake 1.30.1 on macos. 
Thank you! Glad you liked the map
This is not a bug, it's an anomaly. That's the way it should be )) 
You're Back! 
Thank you for this masterpiece!

Skill 2 demo: 
Thanks for the demo. I watched with interest 
thinking backwards, you should (consider):
1 - put MORE distinct textures on openable and unlockable/breakeable doors
2 - put more enemies, especially low level cannon fodder in the beginning
3 - some mind trick are really nice, but not noticeable on first walkthrough. good for replayability, bad for first impression
4 - some secrets are standard, some require deeply non-standard quake behavior, like breaking handrails - whole level's meshes are static but this particular secret is breakable === not good.

Anyway it's a gread release, congrats on that! 
Thanks AAS 
I won't change this map anymore. But I will try to take your recommendations into account in future projects.
An exception would probably be the point about mind tricks. It’s interesting to me when you can’t see everything the first time and then you want to come back. I want players to want to come back to my map 
And yes, thanks for the congratulations) 
The Anomaly Of Surprises 
Its like my favourite visual style and gameplay all wrapped up together and the best part is, its much better than I could have imagined! Digs you are legend, thank you very much for such a cool xmas treat.

I will add this to my treasured pile of custom maps and play it a couple more times on different skill levels to see how you have done some of the cool illusion tricks!

PS. Please make more AD maps!?! :D 
Thank You Sock 
It's nice to receive such feedback from you, knowing that you also make cool maps

Yes, I really liked AD, it is flexible and has many features. Therefore, this is not the last map for this mod. I started sketching out ideas for a future map, but so far I don’t have much free time and so I don’t know when I’ll be able to publish it. And yes, she will be under AD 
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