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2 Maps And Ascii Q3A At ..::LvL
Start 2024 with 2 release and something different at ..::LvL - Duality is a nice sized CTF release from Spike. VELOCITY SHIFT is an older, interesting release from Rynvord but lacks a bot file.

* Duality by Spike

LiveView and panoramas for all. Video only for Duality.

In other news, I've been experimenting with something almost pointless. A cut back, feature poor, text only "terminal like" version of ..::LvL. This lead to a top down, turn based, ascii version of Q3A. You can check this experiment for yourself and the Ascii Q3A game.

..::LvL -
..::LvL Terminal -
Ascii Q3A -
which Q3 map looks as good as Geotechnic/Endurance/Achromatic in your opinion? 
There are a number of great looking maps, some not as Tech focused. The following are all visually strong:

- Rustgrad by Hipshot
- Solitude by Hipshot
- Trespass by Pat Howard
- Goldleaf by Pat Howard
- Evolution by thefury
- The Edge of Forever by Sock (Single player "mission")
- Windsong Keep by Phantazm11
- Shibam by DaEngineer
- McSarge's by cityy
- Ludonarrative Dissonance by Lunaran
- Swiss Cheese Trickster by Q-Fraggel
- Hell's Gate - Extended by sst13
- Lost Arena by sst13
- You'll Shoot Your Eye Out by Lunaran & KungFuSquirrel
- Undergod by fKd

...and many more. 
wow, Rustgrad, what a map 
is there a patched version of Rustgrad where u can not shoot thru this brush pls? 
Had a go at making a patch for this issue, thinking it might have been a shader issue. No luck. The problem seems to be part of the compile process.

You could always reach out to Hipshot. If you do manage to get a patch working (or a new compile version), please let me know. Would be happy to update the listing on ..::LvL. 
thanks for trying 
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