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Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo By Poppy Works And Ironwood Software
As no one else seems to be acknowledging it, I'd like to bring attention to the exceptional total conversion: Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo developed by Poppy Works and Ironwood Software. This mod is truly outstanding, and I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out, along with this interview.
This is cyberpunk Quake. reminds me the old Oni game in some ways. 
Yes, it's a great mod! 
Yeah Wow! 
It's so well made and polished. Hard to believe it's Quake, besides some known sounds and mechanics. Great work, really. Love the music too. I want some on those weapons in vanilla Q to kick some old butts! Might be a preview for a larger SZX release, mmmh ? Anyway, congrats and many thanks for this iconic and generous release (OST included), open source versions of Q compatible (playing it flawlessky on Mac with QS 0.96.1). - 11/10. 
Excellent Mod 
This is an excellent modification. The new weapons are great without being too different to the quake weapons they replace. I liked the handgun which is a good weapon with rapid firing and is my weapon of choice for long-range sniping. The shotgun gibs less powerful enemies into recognisable body parts.

The levels are nicely architected brutalist, decaying, grubby urban landscapes. The plentiful graffiti was a nice touch. 
A machine gun in Quake is pretty different to me. It isn't as effective as the nailgun at range either. Melee is also usable now! 
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