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Unreal2 And UT2K3 Mapping
So Unreal2 comes out this week, or has come out in some places...I am going to be making a Unreal2 modification of sorts for a school assignment over the next year.5. So, being one who did alot of Quake/Q2 mapping, I am totally unfamiliar with the Unreal community, and mapping/modeling/texture/workflow related sites. With all that said, I was wondering if you guys could give me some heads up on what sites to check out, and what to avoid....For instance I spent about an hour browsing some Wiki site, which seemed to have information which just scratches the surface...
I believe that this site is reasonably good :

I dont know much about the new engine or too many useful sites for it though, seems like everyone's just getting started. There seems to be a fair bit in terms of getting player models etc in game, you interested in that? 
They're Pretty Horny For UT2003 
3d Buzz 
Without a doubt you should check out the video training manuals for Unrealed3 at ( or ) because they are excellent. 
Something To Watch Out For: 
i've found that tutorials don't tell you which version of unrealed they were written for. The controls and UI change from version to version, which means that some of the tutorials can mislead you. 
I Am Noticing This.. 
Especially since UT2K3 and U2 seem to have slightly different editors, and most of the content I have seen so far seems to be for UT2K3.....I have yet to find a site with a good overview.....for instance, what is an acceptable poly count for a player model, or other character model...etc. etc. I will keep digging though. Worst case scenario I am going to have to ditch Unreal2 platform and go with Q3A which I do not wish to do. 
Any Good 
Is Unreal2 any good? Just seen it in the shop near me for �34.99 is this worthy of my precious wages? 
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polycount has heaps of info on player models for ut2k3 (3000-3500 for default ones, with higher ones having proportional slowdown on systems I believe) but I've seen threads on their forums in the past regarding u2 models (4000 polys I think) too. Worth checking out maybe, or you could just post a thread there asking for some info.

People who worked on the game hang out there like rorshach and malekyth. 
i was thinking that when making a model, one would sort of make the count as low as you can without losing too much detail. i've often found that with 3dsmax for example there are a lot of unnecessary polys which you can merge without losing quality. i'm crap at skinning but i always think that a good skin can make a world of difference and make even a low poly look good.

i know its difficult to economise on polys and requires some thought to be efficient but... 
Too Few Polys 
and the mesh will deform in a way the skin won't have a prayer to hide. 
platform for what? just regular old mapping, or some special project? 
More Editing Links: 
Not Mapping Related But... 
I've d/led the demo and even though I've set all settings to the lowest, some textures become blank after i've played 1 or 2 minutes, and then everything fades to black, even if the game is still running (and I get my ass fragged out).
Could it be my video card that's too old (Viper 770 32Mb RAM)? The rest of my puter seems to fit the recommended config. 
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