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Speedmapping Pack 46 Released!
Speedmapping session 46 just ended, and with a difficult 'Swamp' theme, the number of mappers dwindled until there were only 3 left.

The authors are Harb, Scampie and myself. All three of us made maps in the suggested theme. There are 2 SP maps and there is 1 DMSP map.

Download the 1.1mb pack here:
Oh Yeah 
Use the darkplaces engine for mine or the physics won't work right. 
May those maps be used in a standalone ( ? Are the .map files still there? 
I don't see why they couldn't be played in standalone engines... but they all use standard Quake entities and many id textures so you'd still need Quake to accually play them. The .map source files are not there and they'll never be included in any speedmapping packs. 
Re: Standalone 
What I meant is:
May those maps be used as part of a standalone, sorry. 
why the hell would you want crappy speedmaps? these maps were made in 100 mins just for fun.

If you're asking for permission, you'll need to contact the author's themsealves. I'm going to say no for my map because I can't see the point of distributing something that only took me a little while to do and could be easily duplicated by anyone who was really serious about making some silly Quake spinoff. 
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